So, tell me, have you been trying and trying to let something go?

You’ve talked it through, you’ve journaled, you’ve tried affirmations, but still the belief, the issue, the block or the feeling is there. 

You may feel it in your gut, your neck, your back and you are stuck with the beliefs, the pain, the emotions of it all and can’t understand why it won't go away.

The reason is because through our thoughts, experiences, traumas or disease we become imbalanced or blocked on an energetic level which manifests as our issues and imprints deeply on the unconscious mind. 

The unconscious mind is tremendously powerful at keeping us in these patterns and unless this is cleared and the energies unblocked it is difficult to make lasting changes.  

EFT is used to clear the blockages and set you free from body image, emotional and physical traumas and self esteem issues.  

What is EFT ?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is nicknamed

tapping and it’s a natural energy healing technique used to ease or

resolve physical and emotional issues.

EFT is like energy psychology combining the principles of Chinese

acupressure and modern day psychology.

How does it work?

Basically we have energy or chi running through us along meridian

lines and using the Chinese method of acupressure we tap with

fingertips on the endpoints of specific meridian points in the body,

while focusing on negative emotions or physical sensations

The tapping helps to calm the nervous system by sending

messages to the amygdala in the brain to relax and this also

rewires the brain to respond in healthier ways, and restore the

body’s balance of energy.

So a quick example of how is works is when we feel anxious,

chemicals such as adrenaline are released from the body that

create physiological symptoms such as increased heart rate,

perhaps sweaty palms.

EFT process helps you return to chemical balance and we do this


1. Mentally recreating a trauma or emotion

2. which puts the amygdala in that associated state of emotion,

with the triggering thought or situation

3. The tapping on the acupressure points then sends electrical

signals to the brain to create calm feelings which decreases the

threat response mode - ie the anxiety

So the outcome is you still feel the emotion or think about a

situation, but your physiology is no longer effected ie you won’t

suffer the racing heart or sweaty palms. You create a new,

normalised response. It takes the intensity out of the feeling or


What types of emotions and issues may it help with?

It has almost infinite uses from phobias and fears such as fear of

flying to the emotions such as grief, anger, overwhelm and limiting

beliefs such as not feeling good enough. Physical issues such as

aches and pains throughout the body can also be successfully


Very simply we need to remember that the bodies natural state is

wellness and it is always working to balance and heal the body.

Tapping helps bring the body back into homeostasis - balance and

it works not only to release electrical block in the brain but

emotional blocks within the body. Once these blocks are released

our body natural healing abilities are activated.