“It is never too late to be who you really are”

Anna Bidgood is a highly intuitive, compassionate woman. A lover of life and committed to finding the positive in all that comes her way, Anna’s natural, caring and friendly manner makes her a perfect person to work with.

As a child Anna was very intuitive and had, as her mother described, “healing hands”. Only to a small degree were these gifts acted upon as Anna took the corporate line of work. It has taken a decade of personal challenges including the illness and passing of her husband and then, suffering her own debilitating illness, for Anna to stop and listen to her inner voice encouraging her to follow her calling and help others make more positive and peaceful choices in their lives.

When Anna first stumbled across CTC on the Internet she remembers, “fist pumping” – she had found her answer! Two weeks later she experienced her CTC treatment, a treatment she now credits for the transformation of her health and outlook.

Anna was so enthused she encouraged her teenage sons to experience the treatment. Their reactions further inspired her to help others transform their lives.  

That her then 15 year old said, “I feel like I have had a positive rocket shoved up my a#$e” has fuelled a special interest in the teenage transition years. From primary to secondary, into the middle years and to positively cope with the pressures of final school exams and onto university. This can be a difficult time, where teenagers may choose not to talk their issues through (as is not required in these sessions), but would love help letting go of limiting beliefs, fears or other issues.

Qualifications - Yin Yoga Teacher • CTC Master  • Reiki II Practitioner • Business in Hospitality Management • Training and Assessment in the workplace • Certified Practitioner of Hypnosis, NLP, AromaTouch Massage, Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy and EFT